Frequently Asked Questions: SoonerTrack II

What is SoonerTrack?  

SoonerTrack is an enterprise system designed to facilitate electronic routing and management of agreements and grant proposals.  This system is used by the Office of Research Administration, Office of Admissions and Records, and the College of Medicine's Graduate Medical Education Office.

What is SoonerTrack II?

SoonerTrack II is a new version of the system developed in the PeopleSoft Financial Supply Chain Management (Financials) system using Gideon Taylor workflow technology.

What is Gideon Taylor?

Gideon Taylor is a company that provides modern workflow tools designed specifically to enhance the capabilities of PeopleSoft. It has been used in the PeopleSoft Human Capital system for many years and was added to the Financial Supply Chain Management system during the Compass project that deployed a single instance of PeopleSoft for all campuses to use. 

Will the new system be available from off campus?

Yes, the system will be available from off campus, but multifactor authentication will be required.

Will faculty have access to the system?

Yes, all OU employees will be able to access the system.